Founded in 2015 and headquartered in London, Napier has a global presence with over 200 clients. 

Napier is an AML business that specialises in the next generation of AI-powered financial crime compliance solutions. 

Spanning the full AML lifecycle, our modular solutions improve efficiency and accuracy through market leading big data technologies, explainable AI, and automation. 

Enabled in a no-code and flexible environment, compliance teams can automate the majority of their monitoring, screening, and CDD responsibilities, while ensuring full alignment to their company’s risk based approach. 

To enable frictionless AML, compliance teams need a holistic view of risk to detect emerging threats, and the eradication of inefficient processes. 

Napier Continuum is our customer proven financial crime risk management platform. It empowers compliance teams with an integrated and holistic view of client risk, connecting KYC, transactional, and screening data. The platform benefits from powerful and explainable AI, extensive – yet user controlled – automation, and a high degree of configurability to reduce false positives and improve decision making. 

Napier Continuum delivers solutions for monitoring, screening, and CDD, including Transaction Monitoring, Transaction Screening, Client Screening, Client Activity Review, Client Risk Based Scorecards and Suspicious Activity Report Builder. 

Napier’s modular offerings can be taken independently or extended for an integrated, end-to-end solution. Our core technology tenets: scalability, configurability, low latency, security – give compliance analysts the tools, control, and confidence where it matters. 

Napier keeps it simple for end users – it’s one platform, three ways to connect, any SaaS deployment solution, and endless configuration.