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Scila AB is a leading independent provider of technologies for market surveillance, anti-money laundering and risk management, offering instruments to detect fraud on financial markets.

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Scila builds confidence in financial markets Investor confidence in the markets and all its participants is critical to our capital markets and the growth of businesses. Since the company was founded in 2008, Scila's mission is to support investor confidence by providing tools to all market participants to quickly and effectively identify market abuse, money laundering, fraud and risk.

Scila Buy-Side Compliance is a turnkey compliance monitoring solution for asset managers, investment firms and buy-side firms that seeks to apply modern technology to obtain a seamless route from early detection of suspicious transactions and insider trading to presentable evidence. The solution covers all asset classes and market models.

Scila Surveillance is a turnkey market surveillance solution for exchanges, sell-side trading participants, and regulators, based on the same platform as Scila Buy-Side Compliance.

Scila Risk is a modern risk solution for market participants and operators. It offers a real-time view of position valuations and portfolio risk and lets users drill down calculations all the way to the underlying market data.

Scila AML addresses money laundering and terrorist financing through accurate, automated surveillance which enables analysis and investigation of suspicious transactions, trading misconduct, and sanctions breaches. The solution allows end-users to comply with regulation while detecting and managing fraudulent actions.