LPA (Lucht Probst Associates)


LPA is one of the world's leading developers and consultants for technology-based capital market solutions (CapTech) for banks, insurance companies and fund providers. 

To many in financial services, LPA are a trusted partner configuring software and consultancy solutions tailored to clients specific needs, covering the whole capital markets value chain helping clients to;digitize and automate manual work flows, make them scalable and enable regulatory compliance and reporting.

The core business of the multi-award-winning group is the CapTech suite, a portfolio of leading technology solutions for automated consultancy, sales and documentation for financial instruments, structured products and OTC derivatives. 

The LPA difference is in combining expertise in software and consulting with a knowledge of Capital markets and a passion for helping clients do better. 

At its headquarters in Frankfurt and at ten other international locations including Tel Aviv, London, Zurich, New York, Paris, Barcelona and Singapore, almost 400 technology and capital market experts are now working for a portfolio of international clients.