QUICK is a leading information provider in Japan that independently gathers, surveys and analyzes information and data latent in markets.

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QUICK is a leading information provider in Japan, established in 1971. Since its establishment, we independently gather, survey and analyze information and data latent in markets and provide valuable innovative services to support our customer's decision-making.

In 2021, QUICK established a wholly owned subsidiary, QUICK Benchmarks Inc. (QBS). Since April 2021, QBS has calculated and published Tokyo Term Risk Free Rate (TORF) which is a new interest rate benchmark as an alternative to Japanese Yen LIBOR.

TORF is designated as "Specified Financial Benchmark," which is defined in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act as a financial benchmark that may have a significant impact on Japan's capital markets if its reliability is to decline. QBS will comply with Principles for Financial Benchmarks set forth by IOSCO, International Organization of Securities Commissions, keep the transparency of its calculation and operational soundness and contribute to the sound growth and development of financial and capital markets.

QUICK is also working with QBS to promote the use of TORF overseas. If you are interested in TORF, please contact us through the following website.