Surya Software Systems Private Limited

Surya specialize in providing Financial Control and Risk Management solutions for the Banking and Financial Institutions.

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Surya Soft, an organization with multi-decade expertise and a Leader in the realm of Financial Control & Risk Analytics solutions, automates processes, provides data-driven analytics, ensures regulatory compliance, and powers the C-suite executives in making an informed decision while analyzing their balance sheet and mitigating the associated business risks!
Surya's product suite developed on the edifice of cutting-edge technologies coupled with their deep domain expertise is driven by their engine, "Data Harmonizer", which provides the key handshake with the external host systems. Data Harmoniser an intrinsic part of Surya's financial control & risk analytical solutions, ensures data extraction, reconciliation, cash flow generation, dynamic data addition for scenario creation, and finally the aggregation. Data Harmonizer consistently aggregates this clean data across a multitude of analytical requirements.

Surya's Data Harmonizer and Agile Architecture optimizes the cost of infra and brings in a steep reduction in “Total Ownership Cost” and at the same time enhances the “Speed ​​of Reporting”, augmenting the operational efficiencies.
Surya's product portfolio offers a plethora of analytics models. The key models include Balance Sheet Management, ALM, Stress Tests, FTP, Income simulation, Basel III capital adequacy, Basel III Liquidity Ratios, IFRS 9 ECL, IRRBB.